Phantom Quartz Cluster

Phantom Quartz Cluster

Sky blue "phantom quartz" is a natural quartz cluster so old that tiny quartz crystals have surrounded all of the points. It has then been electroplated with precious metals under extremely high heat to create a permanent blue color.

Crystal is 358 grams or 2.03 lbs
Sizing is roughly 98 x 77 mm and 71 mm tall

Shipping: I have a standard shipping profile across all items but this item will have to be shipping with USPS flat rate so $11 has been added to the stones total to make the shipping total $15.50. Currently, I do not have the site set up correctly for shipping the crystals overseas like the jewelry is. Please message me about shipping outside the USA or with any questions about this shipping cost prior to purchase.

*I take all of my photos with natural light and sometimes use a lamp with a white daylight bulb on the side to counter shadows. Photos are as accurate representations as I can get but the colors can vary to the eye in person sometimes.